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The Idea of this App is a good one when it works! But!!! There are issues moving on from day to day or from week to week. I completed the first week with some glitch, but going into the second week, I must say I agree with the last few reviewers over the pass few day in saying you simply cannot get into your account! You keep getting an incorrect format pop up...as well as you cannot creat a new account! The App Support or the Developer Web site if click on, will take you to a page saying “DNS Update Required” If there are no more support for the app then they probably should remove it from the App Store you think?!!!


I am not even able to create an account for this app. Whenever I would try to register, the app would say I did not type in the correct format. This was very disappointing as I was looking forward to using this app.

Something is wrong

It has been 3 days it says data can’t be read and I can’t use the app. I was loving it, please help.

VoxTrain Help!!!

This app is most definitely rated 5 Stars. But please help I am on the 3rd week and the app keeps not allowing me to sign in. It won’t even allow me to register as a new user because it won’t accept any of my typing. It keeps saying it is in the wrong format l??? Please help I love this app!

Cannot sign up!

Can’t even sign up!! I’ve tried all passwords but still error!!! Dont bother.

No way

Confusing. Obnoxiously long game interruptions.

Fix your registration system.

Can't even sign up. Useless

Leaves a lot of work to the learner, but magnificent nonetheless

After finishing the whole course, I'm coming back to say that I can definitely recommend this to self-learners. There are newer apps that detect the pitch of your singing and detect your range in the same way, and it's a shame that something like that isn't included in this app, and also a better reference for what you should try singing in the demos. As I said in the title, it leaves a lot to the user. So, you'll have to trust your own judgment and discipline, but that's got a bright spot, too. Since I never felt pressured or frustrated with my progress, but could still definitely see my improvement. It goes without saying that I don't think this app is the be-all-end-all for learning to sing, but I think it's a magnificent springboard to get started and to eventually look for more specific ways to improve in the future.


I'm so happy with this app, it's been so helpful for me


Simply excellent. A very well thought out methodology

Love it

It's been helping me sing better cause I don't have the greatest voice (I'm a female)

Who new?

Everyone always tells me I have I nice voice but I know there are songs that I struggle with. I am 48 years old and I never realized what good voice training could do. I tried another voice training app that did nothing for me. I'm on the first weak of vox train and already my range is improving. I am excited to see the results I will get from the full course.

Get it

Love this app it's different me improve my singing hope so much and I love it totally use it I can sing great now

Very great! However...

My singing has most defiantly improved! Sadly... Be prepared to go halfway with some courses. Babysteps 1 is perfect. But 2's notes are too quiet and had no demonstration. And 3 is a little more louder but quiet compared to 1, as well as no demonstration. And other courses are like that too. But still worth it for a minute or two. (It's free. So... can't hurt.)


This App is simply amazing!

Sound doesn't work

Can't hear the videos play at all.

Really helpful

It really improved my singing I am a actress and one of those things in acting is singing and it really really improved my singing and when I was done with the 6 weeks I discovered that my new talent is singing. voxtrain you are the BEST!!!!!!!



Sound isn't working

I have a newer iPhone, but the sound will not work in the app. I can't watch any of the videos.


My voixe has improved tremendously


Just started a while ago and in the mood already! Great App from beginners to Mid and Pros also.

Voxtrain review

I thought this was going to teach you how to sing pitches and it does but it also helps you find your inter voice and what helps you sing it's pretty awesome


This app is more focused on collecting my information than it is on starting whatever it is it is supposed to do.

Awesome app!

Very manageable amount to learn each day and it's definitely helped my singing


Thoroughly enjoying the app.

Is there a mic?

I would like to listen to my own voice while learning to sing along.

Saving your money for voice lessons with the app

Love this Voxtrain app because it is easier than being taught by voice coaches. Definitely a good app for beginners

Sound doesn't work on iPhone 5?

I tried this app on an iPhone fifth generation and the sound on the video and exercises won't work

Have to sell your soul...

They require your contact info to sing :-( I'd rather pay...


Incredible, and on top of that free! Fantastic App, hope to see many more into the future from these guys!

Absolutely Brilliant!

Highly recommended! You are a download away from transforming your singing!

Rockstar in the making

Becoming a rockstar from the comfort of my own home. Truly singing made easy!

Enjoying it

Enjoying working on my singing.


I absolutely love it! The biggest success (i think) of this app is the feeling of performing on stage, while doing, what should be boring exercises! Incredible! I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who likes to sing!

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